AgFeed presents a unique investment opportunity.  As a leader in modernizing and integrating the Chinese hog industry, AgFeed is positioned to capitalize on the drive for food safety and greater production efficiencies in Chinese agriculture.  As China continues its drive for agricultural self-sufficiency, AgFeed’s introduction of the most modern and advanced methods and procedures will generate superior profits and earnings while establishing a leading market position.

  • Pork will continue to dominate the protein market in China
  • Significant and growing demand for “safe” meat products
  • All our operations, technologies and procedures are focused on assuring and delivering “safe” pork to the Chinese consumer
  • We are a demonstrated leader in; developing modern enterprise scale production to the Chinese hog industry and in transferring market leading expertise and technology to China
  • We have already achieved scale to be a top 10 producer in China and will continue our growth rate
  • Broad dedicated distribution network for our nutrition products
  • Ideally located to serve China’s growing southeastern urban markets
  • Our modern enterprise scale production systems provide us with a significant cost advantage.  We believe that these systems offer the lowest cost production in China.