The Power of a Safe Food Supply Chain


Last night I attended a screening of a documentary called Valley of the Forgotten ( regarding the conflict over land and sustainable development in a remote region of Brazil’s Amazon rain forest.  During the panel discussion that followed the screening John Carter (  of Alianca da Terra ( spoke of his initiative to protect the forest while supporting sustainable agricultural development.  John is an American cattle rancher in Brazil.  He has brought disparate groups together through Aliance da Terra protecting vast tracts of ranch land and other cropland based upon certifying the sustainable and safe practices associated with the agricultural activities on this land.  With growing market demand for safe products produced in a sustainable manner – food safety has lead directly to environmental stewardship and protection – those producers in the region who can not deliver a product to market that is certified by Alianca da Terra are at a significant disadvantage.

We can’t underestimate the importance and power of assuring food safety and its far-reaching impact.