Recent Chinese Economic Data

Among the flood of recent articles regarding the Chinese economy two, in particular, stood out.           

The first appeared in The Economist on 28 October 2010.  It noted the importance of the Chinese domestic economy and questioned its ability to serve as a significant growth engine for the global economy overall.  It is interesting that in spite of China’s impressive growth rate, its ability to pull the rest of the world’s economy forward appears to be fairly limited.  Are there sensible parallels to be drawn between the US economy pre-WW II and the Chinese economy today?

The second article appeared online at on 14 November 2010.  Most striking here is (i) the growth of retail spending – reinforcing the importance of the Chinese consumer and (ii) the inflation figure that has been in large part driven by food prices.  Food prices…. Interestingly AgFeed’s drive and mission of bringing efficiency and productivity gains to Chinese hog production could, in the long term, make a contribution to dampening the impact of pork prices on the Chinese CPI.  Making significant improvements in the cost of production across a range of agricultural products present exciting business opportunities in China.