Chairman Just Back From China

I’ve recently returned from a week working with my colleagues in China as they finished their Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) holiday period.  Our meetings were positive and we were able to address and consider the significant opportunities that remain before us in China.  My trip included an extended and substantive meeting with my valued colleague and fellow board member Prof. Zhang.  

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I look forward to being more substantive in the coming weeks.  However, I would like to share the message that was recently sent out to our entire organization:

While it may be a little late to be wishing everyone Happy New Year from a western point of view, for our team in China this is the time to convey best wishes for the New  Year. 

It is the year of the Water Dragon. A friend recently described the Water Dragon to me;  “Water calms the Dragon’s fire.  Water Dragons are able to see things from other points of view.  They don’t have the need to always be right.  Their decisions, if well-researched, are usually better since they allow others' to become involved.”

AgFeed is embarking on a new beginning.  We are completing a period of very difficult self-examination that has been extremely stressful and unsettling for everyone.  While there is a great deal of hard work ahead, there does remain significant and exciting opportunities ahead for the company.  First, we all must work together to overcome our current challenges, decisively and aggressively putting certain events and practices of the past behind us. 

I hope that everyone will help their colleagues see things from other points of view, perhaps from new points of view understanding the standards to which we all must adhere if we are to reach our potential.

I understand that there have been many changes within our organization during the past months. While I cannot promise that all the changes have come to an end, I can promise to work closely with colleagues throughout our company to make good decisions for our future.