Continuing Emphasis on Food Safety

As the various members of the AgFeed team travel and talk about our business meeting; business partners, suppliers, customers and investors a common question that we face is to what degree are the Chinese serious about food safety.  

The Chinese commitment to food safety should not be doubted.  As the policy priorities and discussions surrounding the soon to be announced five-year plan seep into the public sphere there is a discernible increase in the amount of attention food safety is receiving in the press.  A recent article in China Daily by Qiu Bo entitled "Taking a Tougher Stance on Food Safety" addresses the issue of increased funding for local level inspection in the 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-2015).

Separately and equally interesting is a more visible aspect of food safety.  Just this morning I was having breakfast at a hotel in China, when a 8-10 food inspectors swept into the dinning room and into the kitchen to conduct an inspection followed by camera touting journalists, both print and TV.  It is pretty clear that a statement is being made about food safety.